Curious Matter

MAY 19 TO JUNE 23, 2013. Press Release. Directions.

The installation blends together art, agriculture, and sustainable technologies. Soilless and Sunless is intended to ignite inquiry about modern use of natural resources, environmental, ecological, health, economical, and nutritional impacts from agricultural practices such as the model used by Monsanto. The hydroponic installations suggest that the use of fertilizers pesticides, and GMO’s for example are an option. Ecologically sustainable miniature gardens can be grown carbon footprint free in our own urban homes, yards, walls, fences, windows, roofs, fire escapes, and even closets. A portable garden with whimsical plant greenery sparks curiosity about agricultural methods.


Summer Dawn Hortillosa, “Curious Matter and the Jersey City Library Team Up for ‘A Time In Arcadia’ Art Exhibit,’ Jersey City Independent, May 2013